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1) High precision and reliability over time

* Heavy duty welded steel structure guarantees solidity and absence of vibration, for consistent product quality over time.

* Installation of linear rail for XY-axis with metal block is designed to increase precision and reliability standards for the execution of machining operations.

2) High processing flexibility

* Wide range of table sizes available covers all the standard panels size in the nesting industry and customers can choose the most suitable machine for their needs.

3) Maximum productivity, minimum footprint.

* Complete work cycle of loading, nesting, routing, drilling and unloading is carried out automatically, which could increase productivity up to 40%.

4) Full production at a competitive price

* Reduced toolchange overtime

* Reduced machining times and material waste

* Simplified work for the operator

* Integration with company software

5) Machine customisation depending on different production requirements

* Configurations can be personalised to suit specific production requirements.


Wooden door, kitchen cabinet, wine cabinet, game cabinet, panel furniture, office furniture, closet, customized furniture,table, chair, voice box, cupboard door, stereo wave board, etc. Suitable for standard or bespoke production.

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